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So, today is my birthday and, when I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, “Should I shamelessly use my natal day in a fundraising update post in the hopes that people will lavish me with more support?” Clearly, since you are now reading this post, the answer was, “Of course!” We’re halfway in [...]

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The theme of Episode 91 is the narrative the media are building in anticipation of the 2012 election. I did take a brief second-half detour down memory lane prompted by the Easter Holiday and my yearly Jesus Christ Superstar tradition. My post at the Sundries Shack that prompted the first half of the show is [...]

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Let me give you the Executive Summary of Episode 90 in good/bad form. Bad: Donald Trump, Donald Trump’s hair, the British press, most modern cartoons. Good: Smart Girl Politics Action, Teri Christoph’s vacation spot, Molly Teichman’s birthday iPad, the live chat room, my fundraiser, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Phineas and Ferb. If that seems [...]

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If you listen to even one episode of The Delivery, you know it is unique. No other podcast mixes politics and pop culture with humor and geek jokes and…why am I describing it? You don’t need a sales pitch. You know how good it is. There is a sales pitch, though. So far, I’ve done [...]

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Special Bonus Friday Episode 89 turned out to be everything I thought it would be when I asked Kurt Schlichter to come on the show with me — funny, smart, and wickedly cutting. We talked about John Boehner’s budget deal, the slide of America into today’s modern welfare state, and the origin of the Community [...]

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Can I brag a bit here? I had James Pethokoukis on Episode 88 last night and I’m just a little bit proud that I could get someone that engaging, accomplished, and flat-out smart on the show for a whole half-hour. I told the folks in the chatoom (available only during the live show, so you [...]

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I was ready to do Episode 87 Tuesday morning, which is a bit unusual. It’s not often I get such a great topic for discussion, one that causes me to crank out a couple pages of show notes before lunchtime. Paul Ryan’s budget plan, though, is worth some serious examination and so I spent some [...]

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Episode 86, the second Great Friday Show Experiment, is in the can and I consider it a rousing success. There were as many folks in the live chatroom on Friday as there was the past couple of Tuesdays. The show is beginning to draw a real crowd and I have you, faithful listeners, to thank [...]

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