This story in Vanity Fair absolutely flabbergasted me when it popped up in my RSS feed this morning. If progressives have developed such an aversion to the United States Constitution that they will unashamedly argue that reading it in the House today will cost too much money, they have utterly surrendered the issue entirely. At [...]

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If I didn’t know that Reuters was a respectable, objective, non-biased news agency, I’d say there was a distinct undercurrent of sorrow in this lede. Legislators in U.S. states who are returning to work this month or entering office for the first time expect to spend much of the new year pinching pennies. According to [...]

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I’ve been hard on the GOP the past few days for their cheese-eating surrender monkey ways on the tax deal, but tonight they did something very right. The Senate’s very own Gollum, Harry Reid, tried to bull rush the Omnibus Spending Bill through the Senate tonight, but he didn’t even get a good run on [...]

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Years from now when we look back at the GOP/Obama tax compromise, which passed the Senate overwhelmingly this evening, two things will be evident: It added a humongous number to the deficit and gained us no real economic benefit ; and The GOP got taken to the cleaners. Consider. Before today, Republicans in Congress held [...]

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You’ve probably seen or read about the President’s bizarre impromptu press conference by now, but I want to lay out the tale for you because I think it will provide useful background for some other stories that will come up this week. On Friday, President Obama invited former President Clinton to the White House to [...]

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James Pethokoukis thinks he’s sussed out a very clever game being played right now by Congressional Republicans. If he’s right, and they pull it off, it could solve two of the biggest problems our country is facing: underfunded public employee compensation and public sector unions. Congressional Republicans appear to be quietly but methodically executing a [...]

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Leave it to Barack Obama to unite right, middle, and left in opposition to perhaps the only real political compromise he’s made during his administration. Today, the left almost literally exploded with rage at what they see as a scurrilous betrayal of perhaps the President’s most important campaign promise to them. Their anger wasn’t even [...]

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The President announced today that he and GOP leaders have reached a compromise that will stop the tax increase that would have blown up in our faces on January 1, 2011. He was clearly not pleased that he had to make the deal, which is reason enough to celebrate, as James Lileks notes with a [...]

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