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At about 10 PM Eastern, I caught the breaking news on Twitter that the White House had called a 10:30 PM Press conference that would involve major national security news. Speculation (and more than a few jokes) ran rampant for a half hour. I caught tweets that intelligence personnel had been recalled and the military had been put on a heightened state of alert. Clearly something big was coming down.

Then 10:30 came and…nothing.

Then 10:35 came and…word started popping up on Twitter that the press conference would be delayed until 10:45.

Then…well…it’s now 10:50 and still no press release.

However, about ten minutes ago, Geraldo Rivera on Fox News announced that, according to the network’s White House Producer who had multiple sources, the President would announce that Obama bin Laden is dead. A couple minutes later, I heard John King say on CNN that the news was confirmed “by multiple administration and Congressional sources”.

But we still haven’t seen the President.

How in the world do you call a major press conference on a Sunday night, grab the attention of every television network, and show up late? Worse, how do you then allow or, apparently, leak the news yourself while you’re setting up the press conference? What, exactly, is the point of getting the entire nation worried about potential bad news for a half-hour, miss the first announced time (thus ratcheting up the anxiety level), then let the big news leak before the President ever hit the podium?

I honestly can not believe how incompetent this administration is at delivering a simple, important message. It should not be this hard, yet it appears to be nearly impossible for the Obama White House.

I’ll put up another post once the MSM gets a couple stories up on it, but that might not come until the morning. I’m still seething just a bit about how insensitive and fumble-handed the White House has been in the past hour.

Oh, it’s now 11:00 PM and still no press conference.

UPDATE: 11:05 PM and Wolf Blitzer has reported (on television) that we have bin Laden’s body and that analysis was done to confirm that it is indeed him. Still no President.

UPDATE: 11:02 PM and Jim Scuitto has reported that bin Laden was killed last week is a drone strike. Still no word from the President. Also, apparently the White House couldn’t get a speech written over the weekend. I now have no idea why this merited a special Sunday night press conference.

UPDATE: Wolf Blitzer has reported that the announcement will take place between 11:10 PM and 11:15 PM. A White House source says they’re still working on the announcement. I’m beyond words now.

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4 Responses to “Sources: Osama bin Laden is Dead. President: Still Trying to Organize a Press Conference About It”

  1. philip says:

    that's right. the obama administration is bad at getting the information out. i keep forgetting, where was bush on 9/11, and why'd it take him 90 minutes to address the nation? that's right. he was reading a children's book to a class of 1st graders.

    i think announcing someone's dead isn't a big enough deal to rag on the man or his press secretary. i'd imagine he's pooling every available bit of information he can regarding the matter, to help inform the public about any heightened state of security we might be facing in the next few days/weeks. he can't just jump on tv and say osama is dead and have that be it. it's not just a victory it's an issue of concern for our safety, because he might have been the head of the snake, but the body's not dying so easily.

    • Jimmie says:

      Bush was coordinating a national response to an unprecedented attack and not calling a surprise press conference then delaying it for an hour because the announcement wasn’t actually written.

      I get that he needed time to write the announcement. However, it’s not like he didn’t have time to build the framework so that all his people would need to do was plug in the details as soon as they were available. However, the point remains that if he needed until 11:30 to get the statement available, he shouldn’t have told us he’s be making it at 10:30. That was a rookie mistake.

  2. @Cheesestick says:

    And they have known for a week it was a possibility. Why did they not have a plan together for when the news was ready to go?

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