My comment policy is pretty simple. If you remain civil, we have no problem. I have little patience for comments that are mostly ad hominem, that stink of boilerplate talking points for either policitial side, and the use of the word “teabagger” as an epithet. This is my site and I will ban users and remove comments as I feel is appropriate. If you feel entitled to have your words on my site, there is a sure way to make sure it happens: Fill up my tip jar.

I welcome e-mails as well. If you want to contact me, you can do so at thesundriesshack[@]gmail[.]com. Anything you send me is mine to use as I please, so if you want to say something insulting to me that’s likely to embarrass you, do think twice.

(Updated June 15, 2010 to make the policy plain)

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  1. Ron Jarvis says:

    Our group, Free Marketers is recruiting bloggers to read the house health care bill. Americans are interested in what the bill actually says and bloggers can use the information at, to get quick access to that information. After reading a section, participating bloggers post their findings which users vote on to determine which are the most interesting. (or frightening) Its akin to "Digg" for really terrible laws.

    It is my understanding that Michelle Malkin has resolved to read the bill in its entirety. Any reading of sections (more than three hundred sections in bill, we assign one at a time) you are willing to do is greatly appreciated. Letting people know about our effort equally so.

    We recently created Free Marketers to defend Free Market principles and the people who espouse them. We are web professionals who are tired of the right being so far behind in social media and "Web 2.0". Thanks for taking the time to read this and I am at your disposal anytime:

    Ron Jarvis

    Phone: 602-692-0294