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For those of you keeping track of the 2012 Presidential race — and really, why wouldn’t you want to keep track with the election looming a scant 18 months away! — you can check Mike Huckabee off the list. He announced tonight on his television show, which makes him a better living than 18 months [...]

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Jimmie on January 10th, 2011

Wherever you are this morning at 11:00 A.M., please take a moment to say a prayer for those injured in the horrific attack in Tucson and the families of the six who were murdered. They will need all the support we can give them and, often times, just knowing that there are folks out there [...]

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Jimmie on December 16th, 2010

I spent the better part of yesterday collecting links about the gargantuan Omnibus Spending Bill that Harry Reid wants us to pass on the quick before the first of the year. I realized pretty quickly, though, that I had far too many links and far too little time today to write all the posts I [...]

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Don’t forget, I’ll be recording The Delivery live on UStream tonight at 9:30 PM Eastern. I usually start the feed a few minutes early, so if you show up around 9:20 PM, you might catch a tune or two as I get everything ready on my end. We’re still testing the Take That Media live [...]

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Jimmie on October 27th, 2010

Here’s a heck of a point from the Troglopundit. We don’t trust politicians. We don’t believe that they put the common good above their own political welfare. We do believe that politicians are swayed like wheat grass in heavy winds by the smell of a nice big check. The highest bidder, we believe, gets his [...]

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A friend alerted me to a security flaw on the Georgia Secretary of State website that has many business owners in the Peach State furious… and rightfully so.

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If this isn’t the best political campaign commercial of all time, it’s certainly the best one I’ve seen in my recent memory. I won’t post it here so that Stacy gets all the link love he has earned for being the first one to get the word out about it, so take a moment to [...]

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Jimmie on May 4th, 2010

I see this morning that authorities have arrested the guy who tried to blow up a car bomb in Times Square over the weekend.Contrary to the suspicions of Chief Inspector Bloomberg, the suspect was not Glenn Beck. He is, as it happens, a naturalized American citizen by way of Pakistan (“Pock-ee-stahn” in Obama dialect) named [...]

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