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Ezra Klein, wunderkind of the Washington Post, believes he has the goods on Republicans. His “gotcha” comes in the form of a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll on the matter of which party should compromise in order to avoid a government shutdown and all its attendant apocalyptic events. I’ll not recreate Klein’s argument, but I’ll [...]

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If you are anything like me, you hate sobriety check points — those blights on weekend and holiday traveling where police officers commandeer an entire highway, slow all traffic to a near-standstill, and lecture each and every driver about the dangers of drunk driving all under the guise of ridding our roads of drunk drivers. [...]

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One of the things I didn’t mention in this post (which earned the much-coveted Instalanche), was the sneaking suspicion I had that the shoddy journalism in Japan was headed toward a certain conclusion. With all the panicky stories involving scary, but ultimately useless, words like “meltdown”, “radioactive”, and “elevated”, it was only a matter of [...]

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Jimmie on February 17th, 2011

Today must be my birthday. Somehow I wanged my head and was unconscious for a couple months and it’s now late April. How else to explain the wonderful gifts I’ve received today. The weather today was gloriously sunny and near 70 degrees; the progressive movement is falling apart and in near-panic mode thanks to several [...]

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Remember when the people who ran NASA aspired to great things, like putting men on the moon and exploring the vasty blackness of our final frontier? These days, it takes much less to get then excited. Witness the headline of today’s big press release: NASA Announces Plan To Win The Future With Fiscal Year 2012 [...]

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Megan McArdle is not at all pleased with the latest debt numbers. “Grim” doesn’t seem to be a terrifying enough word to describe the budget outlook that the CBO released Wednesday.  Oh, sure, we sort of knew this was coming-tax cuts are expensive if you don’t find spending cuts to match.  And yet the numbers [...]

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2011 may go down as the year the State of the Union completed its transformation from a stately and sober governmental ceremony to a full-blown three-ring circus. Actually, that’s not fair to circuses, which are usually tightly-managed professional productions whose sole purpose is to delight and amaze the audience. This year’s address is likely to [...]

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This seems like the perfect punctuation mark to close out the reign of the hands-wodn worst Speaker of the House in our nation’s history. With 19 Democrats withholding support from Nancy Pelosi for House speaker on Wednesday, it represented the largest defection from a party’s speaker nominee in nearly a century. The resistance in the Democratic [...]

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