If you are anything like me, you hate sobriety check points — those blights on weekend and holiday traveling where police officers commandeer an entire highway, slow all traffic to a near-standstill, and lecture each and every driver about the dangers of drunk driving all under the guise of ridding our roads of drunk drivers. [...]

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Some days I’m all about the politics and some days I’m not. Lately, I haven’t really been feeling like a political animal. Unlike many of my friends, politics isn’t my meat and drink. I don’t live it every day. I’m surrounded by co-workers who think very rarely about politics, except they’ve been thinking about it [...]

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We’re well into our brand-new, remotely-commanded war in Libya and our Commander-in-Chief has decided on a bold new strategy. First, he deigned to take a question on the war from his whirlwind tour of Chile wherein he pointed out: a) Muammar Ghaddafi can not remain as the leader of Libya, and b) we’re not going [...]

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Don’t look now, but some time Friday we went to war with Libya. It’s understandable if this came as a bit of a surprise to you, as our President declared war from Brazil by video, and skipped over the bothersome customary formalities as getting approval from Congress or explaining himself to the American people. I’ve [...]

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Oh joy and rapture, Al Gore is writing another book! I know, I know. The very idea of 300 or so pages from such a scintillating wordsmith as Gore is enough to stir the soul to heights of heretofore unknown bliss, but I have better than an idea. I have a summary of the book [...]

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Jimmie on March 14th, 2011

I had the chance to sit in tonight on a blogger conference call with potential 2012 Presidential candidate Herman Cain. It shouldn’t surprise any long-time readers of The Shack when I say I’m a fan of Cain’s as a candidate and as a person. Though he has yet to announce his candidacy, he has formed [...]

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One of the things I didn’t mention in this post (which earned the much-coveted Instalanche), was the sneaking suspicion I had that the shoddy journalism in Japan was headed toward a certain conclusion. With all the panicky stories involving scary, but ultimately useless, words like “meltdown”, “radioactive”, and “elevated”, it was only a matter of [...]

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Today, the State Department’s chief spokesman learned a very hard lesson about politics. He handed in his resignation days after he called the administration’s treatment of Bradley Manning “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid”. Manning leaked several thousand classified documents to the Wikileaks group and is currently in military custody. You can hit the last link [...]

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