On the surface, it should be good news when a company is doing well enough that it can pay out almost $190 million dollars in bonuses to its rank and file salaried employees. If the directors are good with it, the creditors are in good shape, and the company is doing well, employees ought to [...]

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Tim Carney has a post today about how an influential chunk of the financial sector has decided not to help repeal the ridiculous Dodd-Frank financial services legislation in place. I suppose that makes sense from their point of view. They are certainly large enough to absorb regulatory costs that will cripple smaller companies and their [...]

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If you read British newspapers, and thanks to the miracle of RSS, I do, England may be the most dangerous country in the world. If the roving gangs of “Asian youth” or crowds of spoiled rioters ticked that they have to pay a little more for their mostly-subsidized college educations don’t get you, you can [...]

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You might remember that Sarah Palin was raked over the coals in 2009 for using the phrase “Death Panels” to describe the “Advanced Care Planning Consultations” that were proposed in Obamacare. As the public clamor against the measure mounted, the Democrats swore up and down that the Death Panels didn’t exist, then removed the non-existent [...]

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Let’s face it, conservatives, Barack Obama and Harry Reid cleaned our clocks. We  scored the biggest electoral win for any party since at least the end of World War II, a win so big that even the President was forced to remark on it. Our message — Washington is too damned big and too damned [...]

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If you’re looking for something to ponder this weekend, let me recommend this piece in the Economist about the Internet in the modern age to you (via Melissa Clouthier’s Twitter feed). The article looks at the challenges of keeping the internet open in the face of obvious threats to national security such as WikiLeaks, reassertion [...]

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Leave it to Barack Obama to unite right, middle, and left in opposition to perhaps the only real political compromise he’s made during his administration. Today, the left almost literally exploded with rage at what they see as a scurrilous betrayal of perhaps the President’s most important campaign promise to them. Their anger wasn’t even [...]

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Jimmie on November 12th, 2010

Here is my response to this anonymous TSA security mook who decided to lecture us on how we should act when we enter their little kingdoms. We’re sorry you have this job, but we didn’t actually force you to take it. We have no more sympathy for you than we do for the clerk at [...]

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