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Thank You, Council!

| April 2, 2007 | Comments (0)

I’m pleased to have been nominated as one of the non-council entries for the most recent Watcher’s Council post roundups. My post, “Geneva What’s that Again?” finished fourth, well behind an excellent post called “Tabula Rasa” by Michael Yon. Yon has been reporting from Iraq since December of 2005 and his work is among some [...]

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A Council Announcement

| March 20, 2007 | Comments (0)

Given that I’m making some changes around the place and that one of the main changes is that I’m going to be doing a lot less political blogging, I thought it prudent to resign my seat at the Watcher’s Council. It wasn’t a decision I made quickly or easily. I’ve been on the Council a [...]

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Watcher’s Council Roundup - The MEGA Edition

| March 13, 2007 | Comments (0)

Folks, again I’m overdue for a good Watcher’s Council which means that you get a whole bunch of really good posts all in one big wheelbarrow load. Here is the entire February 9th contest. Council link Who Is George Soros?American Future Once More, William Arkin, With Feeling!The Sundries Shack An Open Letter To Governor Rick [...]

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A Watcher’s Council Jamboree!

| February 15, 2007 | Comments (0)

I owe everyone a ton of Watcher’s Council posts, so here they are. There are a lot of them and there’s a lot of gold here and very little dross. Enjoy! Here are the full results of the January 19th contest. Council link MLK Day — A Singular HolidayRhymes With Right The Beauty of “Fairness”Andrew [...]

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Watcher’s Council Winners!

| January 30, 2007 | Comments (0)

It’s time for some more Watcher’s Council posting action! So here are the best of the best from the week of January 5th. Council link Religion and Politics: Intolerance Is GrowingRight Wing Nut House The Mysterious Mr. RitterAmerican Future You Keep Using That Word…Andrew Olmsted Hidden Truth About Arafat RevealedRhymes With Right Nuremburg 2006?Eternity Road [...]

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A Big Watcher’s Council Link Update!

| January 12, 2007 | Comments (0)

I owe you all a huge helping of Watcher’s Council posts. So, bring your trays to the counter and prepare to get loaded up! Here are all the posts from the December 15th contest from the top to the bottom. Council link The Peace MythAndrew Olmsted Baker’s Bad RecipeSoccer Dad The Sticky Parts of the [...]

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Watcher’s World Tour!

| December 29, 2006 | Comments (0)

Since December was such a busy month around my way, I’ve fallen well behind on the Watcher’s Council posts. Thankfully, te posts are of such good quality, I think, that they hold up well, even after a couple three weeks on the shelf. So here’s a big post with a whole bunch of worthy links [...]

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The Council has Spoken!

| December 14, 2006 | Comments (0)

There were a couple great posts in the November 24th Watcher’s Council roundup that are just good reading. Council link Our Rules of Engagement in IraqAmerican Future Media IconsDone With Mirrors Non-council link Congressman Conyers and IslamDaled Amos Democrats’ Bait and Switch Election StrategyThe American Thinker Enjoy!

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