Episode 78 is ready for your listening and downloading pleasure. I’m rather pleased with how the show came out and a little bit surprised that I’ve taken to the long-form rant format as well as I have. Unlike a lot of radio and podcasts hosts, I don’t like to yell at my listeners. When I [...]

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I should have posted Episode 77 several days ago, but for reasons that mostly involved getting ready for CPAC, it completely slipped my mind. That’s a shame because, I think, it was a heck of a pre-CPAC show. It can hold up nicely as a post-conference show, so be sure to listen, but I wish [...]

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Episode 76 reminded me of the old Lewis Black comedy routine (back when he was funny) about how he experienced five seasons in four days when he was in Boston in February. He finished the bit with this: And there will come a time mark my words where there will be a season of great [...]

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Jimmie on January 27th, 2011

As I mentioned in a post yesterday morning, the early leak of the President’s State of the Union address put me in an interesting position when it came time to record Episode 75. I could either roll with the topics I picked out, in the usual format, or I could do 90 minutes of some [...]

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Jimmie on January 24th, 2011

I don’t quite know how Episode 74 turned in to the girliest episode of The Delivery ever, but it did. I’m not complaining, mind you. A man could do much worse than spend an hour with such lovely and smart women as Teri and Kimberly and we hit on some fun and interesting things. I’m [...]

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I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a while before I’m as wound up as I was at the end of the first half of Episode 73, so you all should soak up the passionate rant while it’s there. Few things get me as wired as someone who doesn’t quite get the First Amendment and [...]

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I’m quite proud that we’ve made 72 episodes of The Delivery without missing a single week. I realize that good fortune and the grace of God have had a rather large hand in that, but also, there’s a certain stubbornness on my part. Nothing will turn me off to a podcast faster than an irregular [...]

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I think SMP Mike really pegged the cover art for Episode 71. I don’t think I’ve ever been as fired up on the air as I was last night and I hope I didn’t sound too angry. Really, though, the foolishness I wrote about last night and talked about in the first half does make [...]

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