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| February 15, 2005 | Comments (0)

Well Hallelujah and pass the keyboard. It took a while but finally some one bigger than me finally gave more than a passing grunt to the “off the record” aspect of Easongate. This one’s been a real bugaboo of mine and I’ve contended since pretty much my first post that the WEF couldn’t claim the [...]

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Some Eason Jordan and Jeff Gannon Stuff - The Special Gloating and Crying Edition.

| February 12, 2005 | Comments (1)

Yeah, my glee here knows few bounds when it comes to Eason Jordan. How could you not feel just the teensiest bit triumphant when, last night, media outlets everywhere had to report on the Eason Jordan resignation without ever having covered the reason he resigned? That’s worth a couple “Woo Hoo”s, I think. And, of [...]

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Goodbye, Mr. Jordan.

| February 11, 2005 | Comments (5)

Wow. Eason Jordan has announced his resignation from CNN. Here’s his statement. “After 23 years at CNN, I have decided to resign in an effort to prevent CNN from being unfairly tarnished by the controversy over conflicting accounts of my recent remarks regarding the alarming number of journalists killed in Iraq,” Jordan said in a [...]

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Easongate: Another Witness Writes

| February 10, 2005 | Comments (0)

Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal has an interesting editorial today about Easongate. Stephens was also present at the panel discussions and adds his recollections to the ongoing debate. As it happens, Stephens’ account generally matches those of at least seven others. But Stephens pretty much downplays the whole thing, blaming the furor on [...]

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Look Who’s Joined the Easongate Gang

| February 9, 2005 | Comments (1)

It’s LaShawn Barber! That brings down the indispensable blogs on Easongate down to three (along with Hugh Hewitt and Captain’s Quarters) and makes Easongate the go-to blog for all things Eason. Speaking of… Get over there now (to LaShawn’s first, then to Easongate) and read up on all the developments.

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And Look! Another Easongate Story - A Good One!

| February 8, 2005 | Comments (0)

Now this is the kind of story that Howard Kurtz could have written, had he taken any time at all to do some basic research. In fact, Kurtz could have done an even better job than this, considering that he had access to Eason Jordan - something no one else appears to have. Excellent job [...]

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Easongate and the Davos Men

| February 8, 2005 | Comments (3)

Well, the WEF isn’t going to release the videotape from last Thursday’s panel discussion. They’re going to use the “off the record” defense to not release it. You already know where I stand on that. Also interesting in Sisyphean Musings’ contact with Mr. Adams is his account of who has asked for the videotape. According [...]

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Howard Kurtz, a Week Late and a Few Sources Short

| February 8, 2005 | Comments (2)

Howard Kurtz has finally brought something in on the Eason Jordan story! Don’t get all excited. He missed a goodly part of the story. What CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan said, or didn’t say, in Davos, Switzerland, last month has become a burgeoning controversy among bloggers and media critics. If by “media critics” he [...]

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