A Day to Remember: Memorial Day 2012

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Memorial DayA friend of mine asked me to pass this along, written by John DeLallo, a veteran. I think it’s a lovely and short reminder that Memorial Day isn’t about an extra day off, a furniture sale, or a cookout. Though those are all good things, none of them would exist as we have them today if not for those who put themselves between us and evil men who sought our destruction. Those who died to protect all of us left families and friends behind who loved them and who did not ask to be deprived of such large pieces of their lives. The least we can do, as good and decent people, is remember our dead and thank those who now live without a parent, spouse, uncle, best friend, or role-model.

Read what Mr. DeLallo has to say and see what you can do to make it so today.

We are kindred spirits, We the People who champion Freedom, who love Liberty, and for some of us, swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. We served, we fought, we bled, and many of us left good friends behind. On Memorial Day, many folks will simply have another three day weekend, replete with frosty beverages, cookouts, and the company of friends.

Others will rise early and the Dawn Patrol will fire three volleys at war memorials all over the land. We’ll then march or drive in parades past the reviewing stand and on to the graveyards. There, we will see the ocean of miniature flags waving in the morning breeze, and we will remember the sacrifices of those who gave all they were and all they would ever be upon the altar of Freedom. They did so not so much as heroes, although each and every one is a hero, but as warriors. And so it is that we offer remembrance and gratitude to each man and woman, Patriots all, who rest in peace under the Standard of our Republic.

And so, if tomorrow morning you hear a muffled rumble of gunfire, and perhaps the simple melody of Taps, rise, and offer a salute to the Colors and a prayer of remembrance for all who bravely soldiered on, so that you and I may live in the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave.

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