The Sun Is Out and The Shack is Alive!

| January 7, 2013 | 6 Replies

Sun Out From the CloudsDid you notice anything new about The Shack? Like a theme different in a few ways?  And some new stuff all the way up at the top of the main page? And new sidebar widget thingies? And a whole lot of blank space where more widget thingies that will contain cool links and maybe a few short videos will go later?

You did?!

I’m so pleased you noticed!

SuperMegaProducer Mike and I spent a couple hours Friday negotiating the switch to a new webhost that will give me a lot more bandwidth so that the next time Glenn Reynolds wants to Instalanche me, my blog will withstand the traffic onslaught like Lieutenant Dan strapped to the main mast. I believe the blog is a little bit quicker to load (though I do have to tweak things a bit more) and looks even better than it did Friday morning. Of course, I do have more work to do because I spent the time I would have spent on the design stuff figuring out why WordPress wouldn’t clue users into some known trouble spots in its import/export function. That might just be a post for another day, when I can think about it without bursting into a little fireball of user rage, though.

But, in the meantime, The Shack is back and there’s even a new hotness for you to read. I’m a giver that way!

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