To Quote the Great Sam Cooke (More or Less) Some Changes Are Gonna Come

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Changed Priorities AheadYou’ve probably noticed the posts here at The Shack haven’t exactly been plentiful lately. I have a couple good reasons and ask your indulgence for a short while to explain. First, I’ve spent a couple or three weeks re-evaluating what I want to write about after the election. Sure, I could go back to what I did for my first 8 years as a blogger, cranking out the same old political posts just like pretty much every conservative blogger on the planet. I could hustle my posts, e-mail bomb a bunch of other bloggers, pimp every little thing I write on Twitter, and build The Shack into a Mighty Bastion of…

…meh. Seriously. Meh.

Look, the daily rough and tumble of conservative politics is pretty much handled. Bookmark memeorandum, Hot Air, Instapundit, and Town Hall then hit them every day. Sprinkle in The Other McCain, The Lonely Conservative, Yid with Lid, The Camp of the Saints, Ace of Spades, Michelle Malkin, Doug Ross, NRO’s The Corner, Reason’s Hit and Run, All-American Blogger and a couple other of your favorite other bloggers and you’re set. You don’t need me or The Shack to get your daily news and commentary fix. Honestly, I’m not going to give you anything terribly different from what they will every day and I’m not all that interested in trying.

On the other hand, I am doing the daily blogging thing over at Liberty News — a relatively new site that’s getting bigger and bolder by the day. I have a couple or four posts there each day on which I can focus on being short and pithy and trenchant and all the things I like to be as a writer. Liberty News is a good place and the little bites of linkage and commentary you’ll get from me, Duane, Eric, and Warner are well worth your time. One day (soon, perhaps), we’ll be on the same plane as Hot Air or Town Hall. Time will tell.

But here at The Shack, my online home, things have to be different. I am more than politics. Always have been, even if I foolishly decided years ago to buttonhole myself mostly in that realm. So here comes change. Big change. After the first of the year, the political stuff is going to drop precipitously. I’m going to write a lot more about social media — tips and tricks I’ve learned, new platforms and tools I’ve discovered, and links to some really smart people doing good work. You’ll see more posts about sports and gaming and books (I’ve even thought about a regular series where I write a short story each month). The content is going to be a lot different. Oh, it’ll still be me and whatever other guest posters I think will bring you really good, smart stuff. That won’t change. The Sundries Shack is mine and I’ve no inclination to give it up.

Starting around the first of the year, you’ll notice a few different things. The look of the site is going to change a little bit. There’s going to be a cool new page where you can find everything interesting I’m doing all over the web — Twitter, Liberty News, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, and Tumblr — in one place. The Delivery will play a more prominent role at The Shack. I’m going to experiment — launch more little projects on which I’ve sat for far too long. You’ll get to decide which ones stay and which go based on how much you like them. Maybe you’ll see a weekly e-mail newsletter, an Obscure Music Video of the Week, some original doodle art, or a video series like Five by Five (hey, remember that?) but better. I’ve had some really crazy-cool ideas lately and I’m itching to try them out.

So that’s what’s been and what is to come. I’m going to play and I want you to come along with me. Sound good? Good.

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