The Delivery Presents – My First Remote Broadcast, from a Hurricane in Pennsylvania

| December 8, 2012 | Reply

Everyone needs a little vacation time and mine happened over the weekend before Halloween. There wasn’t a lot to it — a few days at a quiet B&B, a minor-league hockey game, a couple or three nice dinners out, and a visit to the incomparable SuperMegaProducer Mike and the Take That Media Studios. SMP Mike has an impressive set-up and I’m glad he let me come in and play for an evening, even if the pre-show involved a lot of “Hey, Mike. What does this button do?” moments. Thankfully, I didn’t break anything and I left the studio with a huge case of tecnho-envy and a far greater appreciation for the work SMP Mike does to make The Delivery sound as good as it does.

What did we talk about? Well, good things, sure. The hurricane gave me a chance to remind you all that global warming isn’t exactly science and, of course, my vacation gave me the opportunity to wax giddy over how neat the town of Hershey, PA is. And it is neat, though I’m told it’s a bit more expensive than I might like. Still, any place with roller coasters, chocolate, and hockey is as close to Heaven as I’m likely to find on this earth.

And if I didn’t say so in the show, the global warming crowd is a cult whose members want you to live in mud huts while your liege lords, who are members of the cult of course, live fat in carbon-spewing mansions. Keep that in mind the next time one of them deign to get out of their private jets or cozy university offices to scold you for the light bulb that brightens your night.

The Delivery - Episode 171

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