The Delivery Presents – Will Our Children Forgive Us?

| December 5, 2012 | Reply

Episode 169 was one of those shouty affairs that happen once in a while. I had come across this article about how a doctor dopes children with anti-psychotics and ADHD drugs so their lazy parents and half-baked teachers won’t have to expend more than the minimal amount of effort to raise them and, well, it didn’t take me long to get fired up. Kids are kids, not tiny adults, and any adult who thinks otherwise needs to get their own head right.

I stayed on the theme of children ill-served by their adult guardians with this story from Florida about how the state school authorities think bringing back a form of academic Jim Crow law would be a fine idea indeed. I honestly don’t think what children these days will think of their parents, teachers, and elected officials but I can’t imagine they’ll be eager to forgive the horrible, selfish things done to them.

I closed up with some good baseball stories and affirmed my admiration for a guy I didn’t like all that much when he first came to my town.

The Delivery - Episode 169

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