The Delivery Presents – What Happens When I Run Out of Pre-Show Prep?

| December 5, 2012 | Reply

The first half of Episode 170 is all about coal and why the Obama administration seems intent on destroying rural Appalachia to appease the crazed environmental left. Debra McCown, a reporter from southerwestern Virginia, joined me to talk about the town of Grundy, VA and its fight to use its own resources to revive its economy. In another time, Grundy would be a success story, an exemplar of how a town can pull itself up without vast government welfare programs. Instead, it’s had to battle to build success.

As you can see, I ran out of show in the second half, so I threw caution fully to the winds and just winged it like the Devil was at my heels. So, expect a mishmash of good things, mashed into a pleasant mish (what else do you make when you mishmash?) and the faintest whiff of “Oh, I surely hope I don’t run out of stuff in my own head before SMPMike calls time”! It’s podcasting!

The Delivery - Episode 170

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