The Delivery Presents – Storytelling is Life, and So is Bacon

| December 4, 2012 | Reply

It’s not every week I can have two people on the show who are quite as accomplished and forthcoming with great advice as I did in Episode 168. Kristina Ribali, the social media Queen of FreedomWorks, and Jim Lakely, the communications director of the Heartland Institute spent the hour talking about the importance of stories.

We humans have always used stories to carry important information, everything from “don’t wander into the dangerous woods” to “don’t screw over your neighbor because it’s bad for all of us”. Somehow, though, conservatives have come to regard good storytelling as a frivolous pursuit, a thing only the artsy-fartsy left does. It’s cost us and the country dearly. We have to do better and that is the point from which we launch the conversation.

Then we move into the importance of bacon, which can never be overstated. So there’s that.

This is one of the best shows I’ve done in a while. if I had a highlight reel, most of this show would be on it.

The Delivery - Episode 168

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