A Few Words on Failure from Chuck Wendig's Time Capsule

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Last week on The Delivery (link to come, once I get caught up on the show posts!), I talked about failure and how you can make it work for you by failing well, learning something useful from every failure and adding that tidbit of knowledge to your next venture so you don’t fail the same way again. Chuck Wendig had something wickedly smart to say about that very subject in a post stuffed full of valuable (and curse word-intensive, so click with that in mind) advice on failure, fear, and a bunch of other things.

Here’s the thing: we are the culmination of our successes but our successes are the culmination of our mistakes. Mistakes and failures beget success because we learn from them. Success is a slim margin — a narrow door — and everything outside that door is considered error. And that’s okay. My toddler knows how to walk now — oh, right, you have a kid but we’ll get to him — and the act of getting up and noodling around on those two pudgy cake-pillars he calls legs only happened through lots and lots of experimentation. Translation: he fell a lot. Still does. Into everything. You’d think he was drunk. He looks like Baby Fight Club most days. Point is: you need to fall. Falling is how we learn to walk. It’s painful, but the pain is instructive.

And one more clip worth remembering. This ought to end up on one of those cute little inspirational graphics you see on Pinterest or Instagram.

Growing up means taking responsibility for who you are, what you want, and what you’ve done and will do. But growing up is also about knowing when to power down the adult side and let the crazy T-Rex that is your childish side loose on those poor goats in the goat paddock.

Someone make that happen, please?

(Why yes, I would like that link to corner the Google market on the phrase “Chuck Wendig had something wickedly smart to say”. That’s called blog-fu, yo, and I do know how that game is played! Also, because I think Chuck rocks harder than a hangar full of Led Zeppelins and you should buy as many of his books as you can.)

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