'Binders': The Left's Lame Attempt at an Attack on Governor Romney

| October 18, 2012 | Reply

Desperate for something…anything…they can throw at the wall and attempt to get something to stick in criticism of Governor Mitt Romney, women on the left have chosen his reference to ‘binders’ (yes, notebooks) in Tuesday night’s debate as the latest in their faux #WarOnWomen outcry.

Honestly, I cannot wrap my mind around this one. I’ve heard a lot of dumb attacks during the time I’ve been actually paying attention to all things political, but this one takes the cake.

In case you hadn’t heard, the shrieking began after Governor Romney’s answer to a question about women’s pay equality (which was a pathetic question to begin with, given the fact that a law was passed years ago on this issue. Perhaps the woman posing the question had heard that the Obama White House pays its female emloyees less than their male counterparts)

So, the governor refers to notebooks full of resumes, and that is what they go after? Wonder if any of them are aware that a little 14 year old girl is lying in a hospital fighting for her life in Pakistan? Where is the same kind of outrage over this little girl being shot in the head for daring to speak out against the Taliban in defense of her education?!

Ladies, if–in your narcissistic attempt to make it all about you–you’re going to pick an issue to be up in arms about, perhaps you could at least make it one that is worthy of all that pent up anger.

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