Exciting Announcement: Today, I Am A Staff Writer.

| October 2, 2012 | 7 Replies

Some of you may know I’ve been looking to move from being a full-time office mook (a pretty fair summary of my current position) to a full time writer and social media evangelist/adviser/troubleshooter. Thus far, the quest has provided some tantalizing leads, but not much in the way of paychecks. As much as I love writing and social media, I’m still bound by the need for cash money, since my landlord is not fond of tweets and pop culture reference-laden essays as payment.

Today, though, one of the best leads had turned into a gig. and not just any gig, but a really good gig, with good people and in a good place!

As of today, I am the Staff Writer (well, that’s what I’m going to call myself) at the new Liberty News web site. My friend Duane Lester, who you’ll know as the brilliant guy behind All-American Blogger and the All-American Podcast, is now my new boss (so when I write all manner of brilliant things, you can send the atta-boys right to him at his Twitter feed). I can only imagine he recently stocked up on BC headache powders and strong drink in anticipation of his new duties.

Not only will I write several short, pithy posts a day (for which I will need a boundless supply of pith) but I’ll also work with Duane to build the site into a juggernaut of conservative news, culture, opinion, and gleeful jackanapery. He has a few big plans, some of which he’s shared with me, and if we can do even half of what he wants, Liberty News is going to be one heck of a great place to visit every day.

Wait. It already is a great place to visit every day. But it’ll be an even better place to visit every day. You know what I mean. (How was that Duane? Good, huh? Why did you just pour yourself another drink??)

The Shack won’t go anywhere for the foreseeable future. I still need a place that’s mine where I canĀ  write longer political pieces and wax geeky about gaming, sports, music, and all the other non-political things I enjoy. I’m still free to work on other projects as well, so if you’re in need of a good social media wrangler with strong writing chops, I’m your man.

So there you have it! Visit me over at Liberty News during the week and read your way around the site. Tell a friend, even!

UPDATE: I spoke a bit hastily. Not only will I be writing at the Liberty News Blog, but also as their sister blogs Campaign Trail Report and The Union Label Blog. In the very near future, all three blogs will get folded in on each other to form a blogging singularity of irresistible wonderment, but until them, RSS feeds all around!

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