Left Launches Disinformation Campaign To Keep You From Paying to See Dinesh D'Souza documentary '2016: Obama's America'

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If you’re a frequent user of Facebook, Twitter, or happen to be on a number of political email lists, you probably received word last week that you would have a unique opportunity this past weekend to see Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016: Obama’s America–a film showing exclusively in theaters right now–on Fox News. In fact, unfortunately, you may have also seen posts that linked back to the Smart Girl Politics networking site where members are able to put up blog posts and share various forms of information with each other. Thanks to the vigilance of  their members, they were made aware of the post late Friday night, and took immediate action to remove it. SGP founder and President Stacy Mott released this statement the following morning:

“Last night we were made aware that someone posted an erroneous blog post on our user blogs regarding the movie 2016 being shown on Fox News. It was immediately taken down, but unfortunately, a handful of people had already responded to it through Twitter. This was not, in any way, something posted by Smart Girl Politics or any member of our team.”

Sadly, the post put on SGP‘s networking site and others wasn’t the only attempt at keeping viewers home this weekend. According to the Daily Caller, a second attempt was made to undermine the film’s attendance when it was illegally uploaded in its entirety to Youtube late Sunday night.

“It has now been taken down and we have informed the FBI which is launching a vigorous investigation,” said producer Doug Sain. “We urge all Americans to respect the copyright of this film and not place themselves in legal jeopardy by engaging in illegal activity in the form of viewing or downloading the movie online.”

The film, which reveals Barack Obama’s family history and the basis for the belief system to which he espouses, has blown box office expectations out of the water and is now the second highest grossing documentary in history (second only to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11). 

To be clear, 2016: Obama’s America will not air on Fox News Channel, and is not yet available via the internet for viewing. It is still in theaters, and if you have not seen the film, I highly recommend you grab a few of your friends–especially those who are undecided–and go see the film while it’s still on the big screen. If you are unable to make it, the film will be released on pay-per-view October 12, and made available on DVD October 16. Reserve your copy today!

 **This article was originally posted on Smart Girl Politics Action, where Tami serves as Director of New Media. 

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