'Piss Christ' Returns to New York This Week–Where's the Outrage?

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According to a report from Twitchy earlier today, it seems the 1987 photograph done by the taxpayer funded artist and photographer Andres Serrano returned to New York Thursday. The photo, which portrays a crucifix soaking in the artist’s urine, will be showcased at the Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery.

Question is, where’s the outrage? President Obama, Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton have spent the last week explaining to the rest of the world how shameful it is that an American citizen would dare to publish a Youtube video poking fun at Muslims. (even going so far as to spend tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars airing apology ads in Pakistan) Yet, calls for the administration to denounce Serrano’s disgusting attempt at making fun of Christianity has been met with complete silence from the administration.

Fox News reporter Todd Starnes, in an article entitled “WH Silent Over Demands to Denounce ‘Piss Christ’ Artwork”, wrote about questions being raised on Capitol Hill regarding this blantant, outrageous double standard.

Rep. Michael Grimm (R, C-NY) wants to know why President Obama hasn’t denounced the exhibit and said he’s fed up with what he called the administration’s “religious hypocrisy.”

“The Obama administration’s hypocrisy and utter lack of respect for the religious beliefs of Americans has reached an all-time high,” Grimm told Fox News. “I call on President Obama to stand up for America’s values and beliefs and denounce the ‘Piss Christ’ that has offended Christians at home and abroad.”

So will the Obama Administration condemn the anti-Christian art display? Will they air a television ad denouncing the exhibit? Will the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ask the gallery to cancel the exhibit?

The White House did not return calls seeking comment. Neither did the Pentagon.

It’s one thing to support free speech, but this should raise serious concerns about what taxpayers are forced to pay for. The exhibit, funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, is about as far from “a project that exhibits artistic excellence” as a project could get. Furthermore, we have witnessed–this week–one of the most outrageous examples of hypocrisy in recent history.

Outraged? You should be. Please consider contacting your Senator, your Congressional Representative, and the President as soon as possible. Let them know how you feel, and do not let up. Enough is enough. If we don’t speak up now, what’s it going to take? How far will we allow this administration to push before we say ‘enough is enough’?

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