The Delivery Presents – The New Ownership Society and A Visit from @AHMalcolm

| September 12, 2012 | Reply

The entire story of the Democratic National Convention was “The Government is your Master”. To be sure, they said it more kindly and in ways that soft-pedaled the obligations and enhanced all the goodies you will get from Big Nanny for a short while, but there it is. That this message is fundamentally un-American should not need to be said, but we live in strange days and so I spent some time in Episode 163 on the subject of just who bosses around whom in our Constitutional Republic.

Andrew Malcolm is one of the most-accomplished and nicest men I’ve ever met. I treasure all the time I spent talking with him and I delight when I can have him on The Delivery. He was live from Charlotte when we spoke, which put him in a very good position to speak about the topic of the first half. Sit back, grab a cold drink, and enjoy the show!

The Delivery - Episode 163

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