Clearing the Browser Tabs – Take a Stiff Belt of Courage, Conservatives!

| September 10, 2012 | Reply

Building a lasting political majority does not happen in one election cycle, especially when you start in a very distant second place. The Maryland Republican Party should remember that, or it will always be a national joke. They can start by talking to Dan Bongino, who has a few words we on the right ought to remember well over the next two months.

There is no way in the world we conservatives ought to allow Mitt Romney to lose this election, not in a year when one out of every five people can’t find enough work to pay the bills. The progressive spin machine is whirling faster than a south Atlantic hurricane but it still can’t blow President Obama to anything even remotely resembling a clear lead. The President’s campaign is slowly crumbling and his overblown faith in his own skills has kept him from assembling a team competent enough to stop it.

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