Welcome to the Democratic National Convention, America. Now Remember Who You Belong To!

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I’ve said before the unofficial motto of the Democratic Party the past few decades could be summed up in Benito Mussolini’s famous definition of totalitarianism, “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state”. Tonight, the video that opened the Democratic National Convention proved that once and for all.

Here is a snippet from that video, which features the line that would make Il Duce’s chest burst with pride — “The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To”

No interpretation of that statement is true. We are not the government. The Constitution does not begin with the words “We, the Government of the United States”. Abraham Lincoln did not speak of “a government of the people, by the people, to which all the people belong”. Washington, DC does not own us nor does it have any claim over any part of our lives but the ones we grant it. Government exists because we free people, who hold rights the government did not grant and thus has no rightful power to take away, allow it to exist. We may change it at any time we want. We may tear it down with our own hands if it pleases us to do so because government — the structure by which we decide how to order our free society — belongs to us. Each of us, individually, owns it by dint of our citizenship and our Creator-granted rights.

I know the Democrats do not want this to be so. You often see left-wing pundits squawking about how a tax cut “costs” the government, as if our government is a feudal lord who graciously allows us to keep a few crumbs of hard-earned bread. That’s not only wrong; it is flatly un-American.

You probably already know that on the same day the Democrats worshiped around the altar of Big Nanny Government, our national debt broke $16 trillion dollars. Our elected officials in Washington have thrown a big party, complete with a $2 million intern, a travel budget that would choke a Fortune 500 company, and (quite literally) the fatted pig. They have thrown money at bad idea after bad idea in amounts that would make Scrooge McDuck blush and they can’t even explain how their programs work in straight, unvarnished English.

The message this week in Charlotte is clear. Government is America and Americans belong to the government. To nail that message down over the next few days, the Democrats have lined up an impressively familiar array of government officials to tell us just how awesome they are. Of the 81 convention speakers listed this past weekend on the DNC web site, 76 are current or former government officials, people running for government office, or people who make their living shilling for more government. Here is the breakdown (excluding President Obama and Vice President Biden):

  • 2 Presidents
  • 7 Senators
  • 27 Members of the House of Representatives
  • 13 Governors
  • 4 State Officials
  • 9 Mayors
  • 6 Cabinet Secretaries (including the head of the Small Business Administration)
  • 3 Candidates
  • 5 Professional Activists

Of the remaining five, two are celebrities (and one of those, Eva Longoria, is a Obama campaign co-chair). That is the lineup of career bureaucrats and professional leeches who want you to believe that you belong to them, that your life ought to be subject to their whims, that your judgement is inferior to theirs. You can buy what they’re selling, sure. Just know that you’ll pay plenty and get back only what’s left after they take care of their rich union boss buddies and campaign contributors.

Or, you know, you could take your country and your life out of their hands and control it the way God and the Founders intended. It’s entirely up to you.


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