The Delivery Presents – Tunes and Terror and Not a Hint of Politics (with @RealityBlurs and @mark_scudder)

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I believe Episode 162 is the first show in which I didn’t hit on politics at all, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Quite honestly, I’ve had my fill of politics for a while (not a good sign since we’re still two months from Election Day). Never fear, though, faithful listeners, for I had a couple of the guests on the show you’ll truly enjoy, even if we didn’t talk about conventions and polls and attack ads and Paul Ryan’s pecs.

Mark Scudder is a musician who has done something exceptional — recorded an entire album online in full view of anyone who wanted to watch and give their input. The result, “The Solution is the Problem” is pretty darned good. If you’re tired of auto-tuned pop-tarts, dancers who only occasionally remember to sing, and overproduced sample-fests, Mark’s music will hit the spot.

In the second half, I was delighted to have game designer, author, and new friend Sean Preston of Reality Blurs on the show. We talked about his new role-playing game tremulus, what it’s like to launch a Kickstarter, what makes a game fun for people who have never played an RPG before in their lives, and why we love scary stories so very much.

Dig in and enjoy! And if you have a few bucks to spare over the next couple or few weeks, pick up what Mark’s album and pledge for Sean’s game.

The Delivery - Episode 162

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