Clearing the Browser Tabs – Lying Liars and their Cozy Campaign Coverage

| September 3, 2012 | Reply

Because I am by nature a cynical man I am not often surprised when I read about the underhanded tactics our Dear Lightbringer and his lapdogs in the media have used to against Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. I have said before that I believe Mitt Romney is a weak candidate, the latest in a long string of squishy “moderates” whose basic political philosophies are “make things slightly less bad” and “don’t scare the Republican power-brokers”. On the other hand, neither of them are inveterate liars nor are they rank political opportunists who will say anything to anyone for a vote or two.

What we’ve seen from the Obama campaign recently has been a textbook case of political projection. The President has tried to slap his most glaring faults — the inability to keep a promise, the penchant for rhetoric that soars so high is actually leaves the real world, and an unshakeable belief in a failed ideology — on Romney and Ryan. His media lapdogs have certainly done their part to help the President along and the strain, apparently, is taking its toll and it may not be long before the lapdogs turn on their master.

Oh, they won’t turn on him as a pack before Election Day, but if he loses? Bet on it.

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