The Delivery Presents – Nuggets for the Social Media Ninjas (And Medicare with Ben!)

| August 24, 2012 | Reply

I felt like making a little change in Episode 161, so I pushed the politics to the back half of the show. This week, that means the show will finish with a nice meaty discussion of health care reform with one of the smartest guys on the planet on the subject, Ben Domenech (Heartland Institute, The Transom, Coffee and Markets, Assorted Other Awesomeness). I know what you’re thinking. It’ll be boring, right? Numbers and arcane regulations and more numbers and….NO! That is now how The Delivery rolls. Check it out for yourself. It’s not like any other discussion of Medicare you’ve ever heard.

Before that, though, I kicked around some ideas about how you can use social media to get what you want done without having to learn everything all at once. I’ll give you one hint: engage with people in a couple or three places and make those places your own. Okay, that’s a bit more than a hint, but listen in anyhow. I dropped a few choice nuggets of good information you might want to pick up and sample for yourself.

The Delivery - Episode 161

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