The Delivery Presents – Is Four Podcasts a "-palooza" or an "-o'rama"?

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You have ears and I have a whole lot of podcast to pour into them, so gather ’round the computer speakers, folks! I won’t give you long summaries of Episode 158 and Episode 159, except to say that the topics range from Harry Reid’s outrageous lies to the Curiosity Rover and my string of podcasts with strange vocal impressions continues from Episode 157.

What? You didn’t think Socky would be the only cartoonish voice you heard on The Delivery, did you?

The Delivery - Episode 158
The Delivery - Episode 159

But wait! There’s more! Here is the episode of Duane Lester’s top-notch All-American Radio I co-hosted with friend, artist, and social media rock star Jim Jamitis.

All-American Radio - Jim and Jim and Dinosaurs

Here is the latest episode of Right this Way, Take That Media’s house show that features as many TTM podcast hosts as SuperMegaProducer Mike can corral for an hour of uncensored mayhem. Yes, that means you might hear me say a curse word or two, so be aware!

Right this Way - On Taxes and Toilet Paper

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