The Delivery Presents – As You Can Tell, I Don't Like Selfishness

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Okay, so I’m a teensy bit behind on my show posts, since I recorded Episode 156 on July 17. Again. This is why I need a Producer to help me wrangle the content and the marketing and the show posts and all the things that help a really good podcast get a bazillion downloads a month. That last sentence wasn’t quite an open call for someone to volunteer, since I don’t know exactly what I want my Producer to do quite yet, but I’m not far from that open call. So stay tuned.

This week, I talked about why your business is your business and not the President’s business. In the second half, I spent a bit of time on the horrific Penn State story and the larger issue of role models and why we’d be better off if a few more athletes took that aspect of their careers more seriously.

I don’t think I tied both halves together at the end, but as I think of it now, the unifying concept of the show is selfishness. The President, indeed all progressives, are selfish when they demand that we sacrifice our lives for their political ideology. Athletes are selfish to demand immense paychecks with no acknowledgement of those who fork over thousands of dollars a year so they can get those paychecks. We all live in communities and while I don’t want the government to command community spirit from us, it’s never bad for us to remember that being part of a community does come with a few obligations. We’re better off when our we give a little of ourselves to strengthen the groups in which we live.

The Delivery - Episode 156

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