The Podcast Profile III: Malcolm and Melissa

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Podcast: Malcolm and Melissa (web link / iTunes link)

Length: One hour

Frequency: Bi-weekly (mostly), usually on Fridays but occasionally on Mondays or Thursdays.

Rating: PG

When I set out to do these Podcast Profiles, I resolved that I would only share with you the shows that update on a regular schedule. There is nothing more frustrating to me about a podcast than a slapdash “we’ll do one when we feel like it” schedule and I have unsubscribed from otherwise very good shows because of it. I can’t in good faith ask you to commit to listening to a podcast if the hosts can’t commit to giving you regular shows. Of course there are good reasons why broadcasters to fall off a regular release schedule, especially if their shows aren’t a part of their full-time jobs. But there are plenty of hosts who are diligent in their work and they, I believe, deserve your commitment.

Malcolm and Melissa is my first, and perhaps only, exception to that resolution. The show is good. It is entertaining, smart, funny — all the stuff you want in a podcast — and worth getting whenever you get it.

The first thing you’ll notice when the show gets rolling is how well Andrew Malcolm, veteran journalist, and Melissa Clouthier, veteran social media strategist work together. They aren’t simply two radio hosts who get together once in a while to make a show, but honest to goodness friends. Their friendship enriches the show, makes even the most contentious disagreement between them (which doesn’t happen often) interesting instead of uncomfortable, and gives it real substance. Each episode of Malcolm and Melissa is a conversation between two smart and funny friends who like to talk politics.

Don’t let their casual banter fool you into thinking their political analysis is amateurish, however. Both Andrew and Melissa are keen political observers and they often see things in a story that most of us miss. That takes a great deal of patience and skill and would-be pundits would be well advised to listen to a few shows and try very hard to emulate what they hear. Honestly, I’d be pretty happy if Malcolm and Melissa found a nice little home on a radio network that could put them in a two-hour slot between the big morning show and the mid-day Limbaughesque heavy hitter.

If that happened, I’d get a show every day, and that would suit me just fine.

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