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Hallelujah, we got Episode 154 made, thanks to an eleventh-hour effort by Verizon to fix my internet connection after a seven day outage! The story of that sad week, and some related thoughts about how important the internet has become as a means of delivering basic information about the world around us, fills the first half of the show. It’s not my normal “politics first” show, so don’t get confused!

I know. I fear change and yet I give you a backwards show on a Friday. It’s one of the ineffable mysteries of live, don’t you know!

Oh! I also mentioned the very cool story of how Ron Perlman made a sick boy’s day. We could use more celebrities who dig on their fans, young and old, and fewer who are Grade A jerkwads (a technical term, which should be used only by experienced podcasters).

I spent the second half running against the conservative crowd on the recent SCOTUS Obamacare decision. The short version is that I think Chief Justice Roberts did a good thing and did not twist the Constitution into a pretzel. The long version, well, that’s in the show so you’ll just have to listen. My explanation does involve a strong, though not perfect, analogy and a whole lot of “Calm the heck down, people”. As a countervailing opinion to the paroxysms of anger and panic, I think it works.

The Delivery - Episode 154

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