The Delivery Presents – My Head Asplode and It's Not Fair

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Okay, there’s a reason Episode 153 went from flat calm to Rant Central Station and its name is Steny Hoyer. I hadn’t seen this article from The Hill wherein Hoyer made the most insensitive and arrogant remarks about Operation Fast and Furious I’ve ever seen until right before the show started. Blame Brent Teichmann, from whose Twitter feed the link arrived. I saw the quotes and, well, my head asplode.

Hang in for a quick rundown on the immigration debate, at least as it stands right now with a focus on the matter of fairness. That word won’t cover quite as much as those who use it most often think it will and I explain why that’s so.

Second half goodies involve my return to and departure from pro baseball fandom, and what’s pretty good and godawful on television right now. Trust me; you’ll want to take my advice on the television shows.

Please remember, at a couple times during your day, to pray for those in and around the Colorado wildfires, especially the entire city of Colorado Springs. The Waldo Canyon wildfire is very nearly out of control and, as of today at least, is threatening the Air Force Academy and the rest of the city.

The Delivery - Episode 153

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