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If you have any doubt about whether the mainstream media outlets are in the tank for Barack Obama, let the first half of Episode 152 blow your doubts to flinders like a cannonball through a Popsicle stick. What Andrea Mitchell did in her newscast ought to have gotten her fired . It should have drawn a serious and heartfelt apology from those who run NBC and it should have disqualified her from another serious news job for at least a decade.

Not today. Today, the MSM stands up for the powerful against the powerless — unless the powerful happens to be a corporation or a Republicans, in which case WOODWARD AND BERNSTEIN! The rest of the powerful get a free pass to do as they wish free from the worry that Andrea Mitchell and her ilk will dig very far at all into their dealings.

However, there are some new kids on the media block. Us. You and me and people like Chris Muir, who joined me in the second half of the show. Chris isn’t a writer or a reporter. He’s a cartoonist who has put his talent to work in the cultural and political realms and he shared a bit with me how we can all do the same thing with our talents and skills. This is no longer a world run by the monolithic voices of the television networks and the national newspapers. This is our world and we all have a place from which we can speak in our own way if we choose to do so.

The Delivery - Episode 152

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