Conservatism: The Ideology of Choice

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There seems to be this idea floating around that conservatives are not pro-choice. The truth is, we are pro-choice in nearly every aspect in the lives of Americans. We believe that you should have the right to choose the path your life should take, and assume the responsibilities for these choices. It is not up to the government to tell us how to live. Conservatives want you to have the freedom to choose.

Somehow, the left has taken the word “choice” and made it about one issue: abortion. Conservatives are painted as being anti-choice because we tend to be pro-life. That’s not a restriction of choice. By and large, abortions are not performed on women pregnant due to rape or incest, and the abortions are not performed to save the life of the mother. Most abortions are performed on women who chose to have sex, and can carry the child to term without risk. They had that choice, which resulted in pregnancy. Now that there are other people involved (the father and the child), her time to choose not to be pregnant has passed. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how the conservative ideology is the one which supports choice.

Conservatives believe in school choice for every parent. They should be allowed to choose public schools, charter schools, private schools, school vouchers, or homeschooling. Parents should be allowed to determine what school is best for their family and their children. The government has tried education, and they are failing children. They should not be trapped in failing schools because their parents do not have a choice. Competition has been known to improve public schools, so we know that school choice leads to better options.

Conservatives believe in healthcare choices. We believe that people can and should be allowed to make healthcare choices for themselves and their families. This also frees healthcare from jobs. That way, people can choose the insurance and the job that is best for them without having to find a perfect combination. Conservatives want Americans to have the choice of a healthcare plan which covers what they need without job restraints. We believe that people should be able to choose to move to another state and take their insurance with them. If insurers and healthcare providers have to compete in the free market for clients, care will improve and costs will decline. Healthcare choices lead to better healthcare options.

Conservatives believe in the choice to join a union. If a worker feels that joining a union would be in his or her best interest, he or she can join. We also believe that workers should be able to exercise this choice without intimidation, which is why conservatives believe in secret ballots to vote for unionization, while liberals want ballots to have names. Employees should be treated fairly and treated well without unionization being forced upon them. Unionization choices lead to better employees and better workplaces for everyone.

Conservatives believe that anyone may choose to go to college. We believe that students should be able to get private loans rather than having to borrow from the government to reach educational goals. Jobs need to be available upon graduation, but they are not guaranteed. If a student chooses to major in something unemployable, then so be it. This is his or her choice. If colleges have to compete for students, that leaves students with a choice. These choices lead to better options, better education, and better return on investment for students.

Conservatives believe in the choice to own a home. Those who choose to own a home are then responsible for the mortgage they take. It’s not up to the government to bail out our personal choices. Part of the American dream is owning a home, and conservatives are willing to work hard for it then take responsibility for those choices. Responsible choices in homeownership will be a boon to the economy, leading to greater freedom for everyone.

Conservative believe in energy choice. We believe that all domestic energy sources are created equal, and should be treated as such. Wind, solar, natural gas, clean coal, nuclear and, yes, even oil all need to be on the menu, along with others. Liberals don’t even want us to be able to choose our own lightbulbs. Choices in energy will lead to investment in traditional and alternative types of energy. These choices will lead to options which are better for our wallets and our planet.

I don’t need the government to tell me what to do. I don’t want the government to tell me what to do. I’m pro-choice because I’m a conservative.

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