The Podcast Profile II: Strictly Right

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Podcast: Strictly Right (web link / iTunes link)

Length: One hour

Frequency: Twice a week, usually Tuesday and Thursday.

Rating: PG

I’m going to dip into to the stable of podcasts produced all or in part by SuperMegaProducer Mike and his one-man factory of production called Take That Media for this week’s Podcast Profile. For the record, @SMPMike produces The Delivery as well and not only do I know the guys behind the Strictly Right podcast but I have also been a guest on and co-host of the show.

So, yes, I’m biased, but not in the way you think. See, a lot of folks who have something to promote will jump on any radio show, terrestrial or internet, and grab their ten minutes. Not me. When I appear on a show, you can bet it’s a show I know and like.

I do like Strictly Right. The host are Andrew Lawton, a young Canadian who is currently attempting to take over all Canadian conservative media all by himself, and Ben Swenson, a radio veteran with serious chops and a voice that would make even Barry White’s knees weak. They have good chemistry, especially in the moments when Andrew tries to kick the show’s rating up to a solid R and Ben searches frantically for the ejection button. They carve the show up into several segments, which gives you plenty of places to take a break if you can’t listen to the show in one sitting, and drop in “themed” bits like “It Must Be A Liberal” and “The Mommy Files”.

Strictly Right is unabashedly conservative but with a good sense of humor and, like the subject of last week’s Podcast Profile, little of the hollering and screaming that has come to typify conservative talk radio. Sure, you will get some hollering, mostly when Ben has lost his mind over justified outrages like when the TSA junk-handles a little kid or a reporter tosses his ethics out the window to suck up to someone in power. Wouldn’t we all holler just a bit in those cases, though? I like to think we would.

The show isn’t just a couple guys talking to each other, though. Andrew has a knack for getting interesting guests and making them sound even more interesting (a skill which, by the way, does not just happen). The interviews are usually short, which suits the pace of the show — short enough that you might want to go back and listen to them again.

Strictly Right usually comes out twice a week, though sometimes that doesn’t always happen since neither Andrew nor Ben do the show for a living. Life does intrude at times, but it doesn’t happen often, so you can be sure if you subscribe to the show, you’ll get plenty of podcast with little disappointment

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