The Delivery Presents – Kurt Schlichter on Caring, Conservatism, and Zombies

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Kurt Schlichter joined me in Episode 151 to talk about his new book, I Am a Conservative: Uncensored, Undiluted and Absolutely Un-PC, which you should all buy right away and not just because I get a small fraction of the purchase price if you use that link or because Kurt is my friend. His book is genuinely good: smart, funny, and invigorating. If current events have you weary and you need a straight shot of conservative nitro, Kurt’s book is for you.

And so is The Delivery, by the way. There’s a good bit about halfway into the first segment where we talk about how you don’t have to ask permission to create, and put your creation into the market, I think you’ll like. Entrepreneurship is easier today than it has ever been. The more people realize that, the more we’ll dispense with the old gatekeepers (and the political ideology that rules the vast majority of them).

Kurt stuck around for the second half, during which we talked about the movie Prometheus and how Ridley Scott managed to make a spiritual movie entirely without God. We also kicked around how we’d bring World War Z to the big screen and ranted a bit about how Hollywood overthinks the simple zombie movie.

You know, that makes me wonder. This is the third time Kurt and I have spent a good chunk of The Delivery on zombie movies. I honestly don’t know why that is, except that we both like the genre and really want Hollywood to drop the cutesy stuff and tell a solid story. If you have a better answer, feel free to drop it int he comment section!

The Delivery - Episode 151

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