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| June 11, 2012 | Reply

I am pleased to pass along some very good news this morning. Duane Lester is the first recipient of the Breitbart Blogger Award, an honor jointly bestowed by the Franklin Center and the Heritage Foundation at the Future of Journalism Summit held this past week in Rhode Island. As you know, Duane is my friend and I’ve long held that he’s one of the very best in the new media world. I’m glad he was recognized for his work and I hope this propels him to the rock star status he has earned.

I was not at the summit, but Michael Bates was and, from his description, there was a lot for the attendees to learn and a huge number of networking opportunities. We who blog, broadcast, and use social media need more of both — our influence and ability to grow into more respected media outlets will depend largely on how well we work and share our experience with each other.

I have one other piece of good blogging news. Over the weekend, The Other McCain reached ten million hits. Stacy, Smitty, and Wombat have done some pretty amazing work over there over the last few years and, if there’s any justice in conservative new media, they’ll get the recognition they richly deserve very soon. Few bloggers have built what they have and almost none do the kind of quality work they do.

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