Dianne Feinstein: Ein Senator. Eine Lawine. Ein Durcheinander.

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I don’t expect members of Congress to be geniuses. As conceived by the Founders, Congress was intended to be composed of regular citizens, so that you’d get the normal range of smarts, experience, and savvy as you would if you scooped up any 535 people. However, since the federal government has taken so much power to itself — power to dictate to you decisions as mundane as what light bulbs you can use in your house and how your toilet flushes — I think we can safely say that those who sit in those exalted seats in Washington fancy themselves a cut or two above the rest of us.

Thus, I don’t feel terrible at all when I point and laugh at Senator Dianne “Don’t Call Me Ma’am” Feinstein for her recent attempt to appear a lot smarter than she, apparently, is.

In a televised interview Wednesday, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein repeatedly vented her ire over leaks of classified information and she signaled that she favors a more aggressive crackdown on those who are passing national security secrets to the press.

“What we’re seeing…is an Anschluss, an avalanche of leaks. And it’s very, very disturbing. You know, it’s dismayed our allies. It puts American lives in jeopardy. It puts our nation’s security in jeopardy,” Feinstein (D-Calif.) said on CNN’s “Situation Room” program.

Anschluss? I don’t think that word means what the Senator thinks it means. Then again, I’m not a United States Senator, smart enough to tell the hoi polloi what health care they “need” and what type of car they should drive.

For the Senator, and Wolf Blitzer, who apparently didn’t notice the word, Anschluss doesn’t have anything to do with avalanches. It has quite lot to do with Nazis and the annexation of Austria in 1938 through a rather suspect (to say the least) election process. In fact, one of the more well-known Nazi slogans, “Ein Volk – Ein Reich – Ein Führer“, was born to support Anschluss. The word itself means “unity”, which I suppose avalanches bring, if by unity you mean being a small part of a large pile of rocks at the bottom of a mountain.

My guess, were I inclined to be more charitable to Senator Feinstein, is that her temper got the best of her rational mind and caused her to stumble over a word in a rush to get her ire out all at once. I admit I’m not so inclined, since the Senator felt the need to vote for a ridiculously-flawed Obamacare bill she barely understood. Such displays of arrogance should not earn any measure of slack from we who have to live under her skewed sense of morality. It is obvious she believes herself smarter and more wise than any of us, despite her misguided foray into German yesterday.

There is a remedy, though. In November, Californians can replace Feinstein with Elizabeth Emken, a candidate who knows that you and your children are far better off when you are represented by a humble public servant who will guard your liberty fiercely. Besides, I’m pretty sure Ms. Emken known the difference between an avalanche and a German military power play.

(Post title translated: One Senator. One Avalanche. One Mix-Up.)

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