The Delivery Presents – Free Speech and Why to Create

| June 5, 2012 | Reply

It’s not easy to pack a story as convoluted as that of lying felon Brett Kimberlin’s into a short space, but I did manage to get the largest and most salient points in at the beginning of Episode 149 before I introduced by guest, Robert Stacy McCain. McCain, as you know from my blog, left his home due to a call made by Kimberlin to his wife’s employer but was kind enough to call in from his Undisclosed Location and talk about lying felon Brett Kimberlin and why all of us need to stand up to his bully boy tactics.

The Universe and how you fill it are the subjects of most of the second half. I’d spent a few days mulling over the quote in this post and thought it worth sharing with all of you. Who knows what you’ll do with it? Create more universe, I’d hope. I also wrapped up a loose-end topic from a show a few weeks ago. I do hate loose ends!

The Delivery - Episode 149

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