The Delivery Presents – What Rocks Harder than a Piece of Wood? A Duck!

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Episode 147 is all about the ego. Not mine, mind you. I’m still an up-and-coming podcaster. I can’t afford an ego. Our President, on the other hand? Well, he’s playing with our money, so he can afford all the ego he can cram into the nightly news. And believe me, he’s stuffing those newscasts just as full as he can, and not just today’s newscasts but yesterday’s history. You won’t believe where Barack Obama’s Ego has traveled and what it’s done in its travels through time and space.

We lost a good one in Donald “Duck” Dunn and I spent a good chunk of the second half talking about Dunn’s music and the immense influence he had on the music that we still hear today. In my quiet times, I hope that I can leave half as large a footprint on the world as the one he left. I also spent a bit of time holding back my nerdrage on the subject of the coming second season of Falling Skies. You should tune in just for that.

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The Delivery - Episode 147

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