Clearing the Browser Tabs – Go Help a Brother Out Who Needs Your Back-Up.

| May 21, 2012 | 37 Replies

Stacy McCain has gone into hiding. I wish I was kidding about that, that it was some new blogospheric bit of fluff engineered to crank up the ol’ traffic numbers.  I’m not. I’m deadly serious. Some lying felon named Brett Kimberlin, who did time for a string of bombings that left at least one man horribly injured, has put the strong-arm on him and Stacy, to protect his family, has had to pull a fade.

That, folks is wrong. Kimberlin has locked himself firmly into a well-run left-wing attack machine that, to date, has used means legal and otherwise, to try to squelch the free speech out of law-abiding and honorable Americans. That’s not conjecture. It is what has happened. Read Stacy’s posts, or this post by one of Kimberlin’s victims, to get a detailed but small taste of the vileness he’s used to pressure people to shut up, shut down, and voluntarily give up their First Amendment rights.

It’s wrong and it needs to stop.

Go hit Stacy’s tip jar. Hit it loudly. Make some noise on your blog, or Stacy’s comment section, or on Twitter or Facebook. Bring some attention to what’s happening so that folks like Stacy and Aaron all all the others who have come under this guy’s cross-hairs know very well that they aren’t alone.

And now, links!

  • Folks, I have no answer for this. It’s a skyscraper-high pile of crap heaped onto an Everest of delusion. Paula has given it the proper amount of disdain and I can’t add anything else to it.
  • Big numbers are very, very scary, especially if they’re shouted at you by a raving madman.
  • Want to see a supermassive black hole? No, I don’t mean the federal government, I mean an actual black hole. In space. Well, you can’t exactly see it, but you can see what it has created, which is cool all by itself.
  • Didn’t Watergate break wide open after a suspicious break-in? Just saying…
  • Twitter matters as a social media platform. Oh, you may read some curmudgeon here and there who will pooh-pooh it as a fad or a frippery, but as someone who uses Twitter every day and has seen what a concerted effort on Twitter can do in the real world, I can tell you those naysayers are full of crap. Get on it and get involved. Today.
  • Barack Obama, the first Mood Ring President? Yeah, that’s accurate.
  • Hmm…perhaps there’s a reason China isn’t quite as antagnostic toward us as its perceived economic situation suggests it should be.

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