The Delivery Presents – The Tea Party Avengers

| May 14, 2012 | 1 Reply

I really did have an entirely different set of notes for the first half of Episode 146, but tossed them all out the window when I learned that the Tea Parties had knocked off perma-Senator Dick Lugar. You may not know who Lugar is nor why it’s a big deal that after January, he won’t be drawing a paycheck from the taxpayers anymore, but after you listen to the show this week, you’ll know everything you need to mount your own voter rebellion against the professional politicians who have come to believe that they and not we are in charge.

I slipped into my Pure Geek outfit for the second half. I really like that particular outfit — I am a geek by birth and upbringing — and it’s nice to get away from politics for a few minutes and talk about the fun parts of life. So, you’ll get some Avengers talk, an early review of my new iPhone, and some hockey love just in time for the second round of the playoffs. Note that the show was recorded before My Beloved Capitals bowed out, so there will be less pain and far more optimism in my voice than you’d expect.

I also co-hosted Strictly Right last week with Ben Swenson. Andrew Lawton, man about town, was down for the day, and I was glad to jump in and help out. Take a listen!

The Delivery - Episode 146

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