Clearing the Browser Tabs – We Bowed to Tyrants, Again

| May 7, 2012 | Reply

For reasons I can not imagine, our government left an advocate for freedom and decency in the hands of the Tyrants of Beijing. Chen Guangcheng quite literally begged our representatives in China to take him with them, or so the report says (though the Obama administration says differently, which means that someone has lied to us) and we did not. We left him and his family in the care of those who have already murdered countless thousands and consigned millions more to lives of oppressed misery.

We can probably chalk Chen’s abandonment up to “realism”, the cowardly school of foreign policy that puts us on the side of dictators and against those who only want to lives their lives with a fraction of the liberty that is our birthright. I would be very happy if we threw every single “realist” out of public life forever and turned our vast power toward crushing every dictatorship we can find, but unfortunately, this particular way of handling our foreign relationships has a pretty solid fan base on the right as well (most notably among libertarians, who want as much freedom as they can get but don’t seem very willing to help other folks get some too).

I hope we dump the realists in time to save Chen Guancheng’s life, but I doubt it.

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