Clearing the Browser Tabs – A War Room that Knows Offense

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ABC News went inside the GOP “war room” and, well, it’s not pretty in there. Chairman Reince Priebus has assembled a bunch of folks who monitor web sites and blogs and various other new media platforms to see what the Democrats are saying so they can react quickly.

I suppose that’s a good thing. After all, under the former Chairman Michael Steele, the RNC was a big-spending non-entity with a mission statement that seemed to contain one line: Promote Michael Steele. We on the right should be glad that the RNC has someone who recognizes that electoral politics is a contact sport and you won’t win if you aren’t in the game.

However, it’s not enough to react, even with a room of really smart 20-somethings who spend a bit of time on Twitter. What the RNC really needs is a smaller team of people who have been around new media long enough to know that blogs and videos and Twitter and Facebook can be used to create a narrative and not simply respond to one already set by Democrats.

Priebus would be a lot better off if he scrapped his “war room” and hired this guy, whose article “Writing for Relevance”, sets up a bare bones strategy for how the GOP can stop reacting to events in new media and start setting the trends. While he’s at it, Priebus could also toss a few consultant bucks at Stacy McCain for some ideas about how to start a few web sites that could own the election cycle not just for six months but for entire Presidential administrations.

And now, links!

  • Once upon a time the Obama administration thought it could wage a war on family farms and the notion that kids should do chores. The President lost that war. Have you noticed how often the President loses when he tries to gin up some fake “war” on something or another?
  • Barack Obama, the Contender.
  • Three years ago, the Democrats in the Senate passed a budget. They have refused to pass one since then. Go ahead and try that yourself. See how well it works for you.
  • If you were waiting for harry Potter to show up and bring the price of gas down, you can stop now. According to the Secretary of the Interior, he’s not coming to help. Unfortunately, neither will the Secretary of the Interior who, unlike Potter, has the ability to help.
  • If you’ve been to college in the past ten years, you know that Rule One of writing a term paper is “Thou Shalt Not Rely on Wikipedia to Do They Work”. If only the President obeyed that rule.
  • Da Tech Guy knows why old media hates new media.
  • At whose feet, exactly, do we lay the brutal beatings of white victims by black assailants seeking “Justice for Trayvon”? I only ask because I am told, by sundry in the MSM, that it is my fault the actions of hispanic/black/white George Zimmerman are on my head. If I must carry that sin, if sin it was, then who carries these sins?
  • What does your Klout score mean, if you’re engaged with social media? Nothing at all. As best I can tell, as an early Klout adopter, it measures how often you get re-tweeted by famous people, whether those famous people actually engage on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ or not. As such, your Klout score is a measure of celebrity, not necessarily influence. It is certainly not a measure of who actually uses social media platforms well.
  • One day I want to meet the Pioneer Woman, if for no other reason than to thank her for this Bruschetta Chicken recipe. Well, and several other recipes.


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