A Four Minute Primer on How to Destroy America

| April 24, 2012 | Reply

Let’s imagine you wanted to bring the greatest nation in the history of the world to its knees without taking on its formidable military or rousing its people greatly. What might you do? A new group called Free Market America lays out a pretty solid plan to get it done.

Their video must have been a real danger, more so than a mere series of threats to a man’s life, because Twitter took down the group’s account for a full day. The account was later reinstated, apparently without explanation. Did Twitter get a few complaints about the video’s content? I’d say that was a good bet, as progressives don’t particularly like when folks shine bright lights on their schemes.

This is what November is about, folks. We either continue down the road we’re on, the one that will end in base squalor if we’re lucky and full collapse if we’re not, or we stop and turn around. We get a say in what happens to America, no matter what anyone in Washington — Democrat or Republican — say. This is our nation and it will become what we make of it, for good or for ill. Let’s do the right thing and give our children a better nation than the one we have now.

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