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It’s been a while since I’ve gotten as intense a reaction I got from last week’s show, not just from the FTR chatroom (which is always wonderfully raucous) but also from folks on Twitter. If those are typical of what the average engaged Republican voter is thinking right now, then the GOP is in for a very big surprise after Election Day. I touched on some of that in Episode 142, plus the interesting fable told by Jay Carney, one of the more accomplished liars I’ve ever seen in politics.

Also, for you puckheads, I dished on how I see the first round of the NHL Playoffs ending. Thus far, I’m sad to say, my predictions are a bit…less than prescient, but it was a quick five minutes and it felt good to do some fast sports talk. Actually, the entire first half seemed to zip by. I had a lot of ground to cover and only a half hour in which to cover everything, so if I sound a bit like Joe Isuzu, forgive me.

Ed Driscoll stopped by for a second half chat about the new season of Mad Men and the state of television today. Ed is, as I’ve said, one of the smartest men I know when it comes to television and movies. He could, I think, teach a class in either subject pretty ably. I did manage to work in a reference to one of my favorite shows toward the end. You’ll have to stick with it to find out what that is, though faithful listeners might have a good idea already.

I delayed this show post until today so I could include a special and important announcement. We have thrown off the shackles of UStream and will move the live show, as of this week, to a brand new platform. SMPMike and several faithful listeners helped me test our the Livestream site last Friday and I’m pleased to say it worked very well. You shouldn’t have the annoying mid-show ads that fill up your window nor should you see the connection problems that were a constant frustration for many of us. So, starting tonight, the new link to the live show is right here. Note that you’ll have to endure one ad when you first sign on, but after that, you’ll just get banner ads, which is tolerable. Later in the year, SMPMike and I will look at upgrading to the Premium service, so even those ads will go away. That assumes that we build a reliable income stream for the show. More on that later, though.

The Delivery - Episode 142

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