The Delivery Presents – All Right, Republicans, Here's My Deal

| April 9, 2012 | 1 Reply

I slept on posting Episode 141 because, well, forgetfulness is a nasty thing, isn’t it? Honestly, I thought I had written the post on Thursday night, only to realize yesterday that it was some other post I had written and not the show post.

I really need some sort of work-flow tool or a checklist or a comely Personal Assistant who also knows how to mix a good martini.

What I need more than that, though, is a Republican Party that understands that it’s only useful when it is a brightly-contrasting counterpoint to the big-government, overspending, totalitarian-leaning Democratic Party. I’m not going to get that this election, so I’ve offered the GOP a deal. Call it a compromise, if you like because “compromise” sounds so much nicer than “one last chance for them to redeem themselves”. The show got a bit ranty, especially in the second half, but it needed to be that way. These days, the only way to get the attention of our political parties is to use the rhetorical equivalent of a 2×4 and that’s what I brought. Listen. Comment. Share with your friends!


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