Clearing the Browser Tabs – Hail, Hail the Speech Recycler in Chief

| April 5, 2012 | 1 Reply

Finally, the RNC has made a video that hits Barack Obama right in the…teleprompter. His critics, which most definitely includes me, have said for years that the President relies primarily on rather stale talking points to push his policies in public. Unfortunately, the critics were wrong. His talking points aren’t merely stale; they’re completely recycled. Some bright person in the Republican Party noticed that the President’s┬áspeech castigating the House Republicans’ budget sounded awfully familiar, so they pulled video of his speech on the budget last year and found that…well, go see it for yourself.

Something struck me when I watched that video. We’ve been told that President Obama is an expert orator, that the one thing he does better than anything else is give speeches. Notice, though, how badly he fumbled his way through this year’s speech even though he’s already given it before. A orator with the allegedly top-notch skills of Barack Obama should always give a speech better the second time than he did the first, especially when he’s essentially reading the speech off a teleprompter.

So, not only his his speech packed full of horse-hockey, it’s also delivered with all the skill of a second-string member of a high school debate team. And he wants four more years? I don’t think so.

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